State to fund Liberty and Independence bridges

LANSING ― Bay City is set to receive $500,000 from the Michigan Department of Transportation during Fiscal Year 2012 for the operation and maintenance of the Liberty and Independence draw bridges, announced state Sen. Mike Green.

“These bridges are a part of major road and shipping thoroughfares and they’re critical to driving economic growth and tourism in this region and throughout Michigan,” said Green, R–Mayville. “While the entire region benefits, Bay City has shouldered the full cost of keeping them open. The state will rightly take responsibility for their maintenance and operation in this year’s budget.”

Green said he was pleased to be able to secure the commitment after Bay City Mayor Chris Shannon advocated strongly for the city on the issue. He said that while this is a step in the right direction, a more permanent solution is still needed.

“The state already maintains the Lafayette and Veterans Memorial bridges under Public Act 51, so it only makes sense that the long-term goal should be getting Liberty and Independence included as well,” said Green. “I have strong support in the Senate to get this done and state Representative Brunner is committed to working on it in the House as well.”

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