Senate approves legislation benefiting Michigan farmers

LANSING―Farmers who voluntarily comply with state environmental standards would receive real benefits under bills approved by the state Senate on Wednesday, said Sen. Mike Green.

“A farmer's land is his livelihood, and this legislation will provide benefits to everyone: farmers, our communities, and the environment,” said Green, R-Mayville. “I am proud to represent the breadbasket of Michigan and, as a farmer, I know how important the proper care and treatment of our land is to our profession. We love our land and do what we can to protect it."

Senate Bills 122 and 123 would significantly change the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. Through this legislation, compliant farms will be protected from onerous civil fines, and grant money from existing funds will be made available to encourage participation and compliance in the program on the part of Michigan’s farmers.

SBs 122 and 123 now go to the state House of Representatives for consideration.