Sen. Green responds to State of the the 2012 State address

LANSING–After listening to Gov. Rick Snyder’s annual State of the State address Wednesday night, Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, issued the following statement:

“Governor Snyder delivered another decisive State of the State address that focused on our need for continuing the reforms begun last year. I thought it was appropriate that the governor also recounted the achievements of 2011, because they were a direct result of these reforms.

“These successes include an unemployment rate that continues to fall. It is now at 9.3 percent, the first time it’s been below 10 percent in three years. The state’s bond outlook has been upgraded to positive. Private sector jobs are being created in Michigan faster than the national average. And Bloomberg ranked Michigan as second in the nation for economic health.

“Of course, there is still much more work to be done. Bold ideas he talked about tonight that I strongly support include scaling back unnecessary regulations, reforming government to make it more accountable and responsive to taxpayers, addressing the job-killing personal property tax, and responsibly investing in our neglected infrastructure. These initiatives and the governor’s focus on the automotive, agriculture and tourism industries in Michigan are right on, as they are all very important to the economy of the Bay and Thumb regions.

“I especially appreciated his call for the Legislature to complete work on Senate Bill 414, which I sponsored. This measure would extend insurance coverage for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, which affect so many Michigan families. It’s time for the Senate and House to act.

“I look forward to partnering with Governor Snyder and my Senate and House colleagues to pass SB 414 and other legislation that improves the quality of life for all Michigan residents and positions our state to continue attracting and creating more well-paying jobs.

“If we continue these bold reforms, this relentless positive action that he discussed, we can all be confident that Michigan’s best days are ahead of us.”

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