Sen. Green, Rep. Brunner: Bay City to be reimbursed for Center Avenue leak repairs

LANSING — State Sen. Mike Green and state Rep. Charles Brunner announced today that the City of Bay City will be reimbursed for the cost of repairing three water line leaks related to the 2009 Center Avenue reconstruction project.

The announcement comes after a series of meetings held involving Green, Brunner, city leaders and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials.

“This reimbursement is great news for Bay City,” said Green, R-Mayville.  “Working together across party lines and levels of government, common sense prevailed here and local taxpayers win as a result.”

Brunner, D-Bay City, who was mayor during the course of the project, said that he is pleased with the resolution.  “It’s an excellent example of bipartisanship getting things done for the people of Bay City,” Brunner said.

The $4.3 million project replaced a one mile section of pavement along Center Avenue and was completed just over a year ago.  During the project, contractors replaced water lines underneath the road, which have experienced four major leaks due to faulty joint seals and backfill work.  The state repaired the initial leak, while the city repaired the other three.

Bay City Mayor Chris Shannon said the announcement is a very positive development.

“This decision was the right one and it’s very encouraging.  We always felt that we had done everything we could to make this right and this announcement is a major step of progress,” Shannon said. “I’d really like to thank Senator Green and Representative Brunner for their help in this important matter. We are very pleased with the hard work being done in Lansing for the interests of Bay City.”

Shannon said that while the issue of any future complications still must be addressed, the reimbursement is a positive sign that bodes well for a permanent resolution.

Local legislators will continue to be engaged for that very reason.  “Representative Brunner and I will continue to work together on behalf of Bay City on this issue,” Green said. “We’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure that accountability is properly applied.”

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