Sen. Green reacts to governor’s budget presentation

LANSING―State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, issued the below statement following Gov. Rick Snyder's budget presentation to lawmakers on Thursday:

“Our state faces some very serious challenges. Over the coming days and weeks, I will work with my Senate colleagues and the administration to discuss the details of the governor's budget plan and to pass a responsible budget in a timely manner.

“Throughout this process, I will be looking to answer four key questions: Where are taxpayers' dollars going? Are they being spent effectively? Are they being spent efficiently? And, lastly, are we getting good value out of every taxpayer’s dollar being spent?

“I am committed to passing a budget that does not increase taxes, a budget that really reforms the structure of state government, and the way it operates. Most importantly, I will work for a budget that sets the conditions necessary to bring good-paying jobs back to Michigan and the 31st District. For me, jobs are the number one priority and that will continue to be my focus going forward.”

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