Legislators urge Remington Arms to relocate; bring jobs to Michigan

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Jan. 23, 2013       
Contact: Ryan Mitchell

Legislators urge Remington Arms to relocate; bring jobs to Michigan

LANSING-Mich.—Pro-gun-rights legislators have invited the Remington Arms Company to become a part of Michigan’s reinvention. Sen. Mike Green and Rep. Joel Johnson issued a letter on Wednesday to the company urging them to consider Michigan for the relocation of its Ilion, New York manufacturing operations.

“Michigan workers are second to none and because of many bold reforms last session, our state is open for business,” said Green, R-Mayville. “We also respect constitutional rights and legal commerce in state law, so in light of New York’s recent gun control legislation, we’re encouraging this American icon to bring their plants and thousands of jobs to Michigan.”

The letter reads, in part: “Michigan’s leaders have worked hard over the past two years to reinvent our state. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the nation’s economic comeback with positive, relentless action and bold reforms of our tax and regulatory structures.”

When ranked in late 2012, Michigan was named the 12th friendliest tax system in America. Additionally, the state has experienced a ten percent rise in home sales and the creation of at least 65,200 more jobs since the beginning of 2011.

“We want Remington to know that Michigan welcomes them and the good-paying jobs they offer,” said Johnson, R-Clare. “Remington has been a part of securing American homesteads, including my own, for generations. We would be proud to have this company housed within our state.”

Remington Arms Company, founded in 1816, is the oldest company in the United States that still makes its original product, and it is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America. It currently employs more than 1,200 people directly at its Ilion plant and supports an additional 1,500 jobs in the surrounding area.

Earlier this month, New York’s governor signed into law a sweeping package of gun-control measures that significantly expand that state’s firearms registration requirements and its existing ban on so-called “assault” weapons and other firearms accessories. In addition to “assault” weapons, the new measures may also affect many of the hunting firearms that Remington produces.

For more information or to view a copy of the letter, visit this link: http://www.misenategop.com/senators/green/remington_20130123124022.pdf.