Legislative Record

Senator Green has been an effective legislator, successfully spearheading major reforms into law and providing leadership on a wide variety of issues. More information about his sponsorship and voting record is available at the Michigan Legislature website.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and chairmen of three subcommittees, Green has been directly involved in crafting 4 state budgets that put Michigan’s fiscal house in order.

  • Agriculture
    • MDARD budgets for Fiscal Years 2011-2014
    • Expanded state’s economic development focus to include agriculture processing and information technology (Public Act 22 of 2011)
    • Improved and expedited state inspections of agriculture products (MDARD budgets and Public Acts 148 & 149 of 2012)
    • Provided property tax relief to agriculture property and soil/water conservation equipment (Public Act 290 of 2011 & Public Act 44 of 2013)
  • Led Michigan’s passage of the federal Balanced Budget Amendment petition (Senate Joint Resolution V)
  • Strengthened crime victims’ rights (Public Act 564 of 2012)
  • Reformed welfare benefits to require lottery and gambling winnings be included when determining financial eligibility (Public Act 78 of 2012)
  • Led pro-2nd Amendment reforms of state law
    • Improved Michigan’s definition of a pistol (Public Act 242 of 2012)
    • Expanded definition of federally-licensed firearms dealer exempt from requiring pistol purchase licenses (Public Act 3 of 2013)
    • Legalized ownership and possession of short-barreled rifles and shotguns by Michigan residents (Public Act 63 of 2014)
    • Allow individuals with a CPL to carry in pistol free zones and eliminate county gun boards (SB 59 0f 2011 passed by Legislature, vetoed)
  • Health Care Quality
    • Improve medical treatment of children with autism (Public Act 99 of 2012)
    • Improve access to physical therapy services by eliminating state prescription requirement (Public Act 263 of 2014)
  • Provided sales tax relief to small business owners (Public Act 71 of 2011)
  • Reformed Michigan’s wetlands and environmental regulatory programs
    • Wetlands regulatory program reform (Public Act 98 of 2013)
    • Reform of environmental protection liability and cleanup procedures for leaky underground storage tanks (Public Act 113 of 2012)
    • Subject the Safe Drinking Water Act to the successful environmental leaders program (Public Act 557 of 2012)
    • Reform home construction code (Public Act 264 of 2012)
  • Protected college savings accounts with a child beneficiary from creditors (Public Act 553 of 2012)
  • Revived and privatized civilian conservation program (Public Act 578 of 2012)
  • Extended foreclosure prevention program and reformed mortgage laws
    • Extend sunset on the foreclosure mortgage loan modification negotiation program (Public Act 72 of 2011)
    • Revise the mortgage loans to which broker, lender and servicer licensing act applies (Public Act 442 of 2012)

Senator Green continues to work on a number of important legislative issues to build upon this record, including Agriculture, Aquatic Invasive Species, Pro-2nd Amendment reform, Veterans Issues, Transportation Infrastructure, Government Reform, Environment and Conservation, Human Trafficking and Health Care Quality.