Green’s ‘moveable bridge’ legislation passes Senate

Sen. Mike Green

Sen. Mike Green

LANSING, Mich. — Legislation introduced by state Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, that would assist communities was voted out of the Senate on Wednesday with bipartisan support and will now go before the House of Representatives for consideration.

“Under current law, the cost of operating and maintaining these movable bridges is the full responsibility of their owners,” Green said. “The problem, however, is municipalities do not receive any additional funding above the amount for a standard stretch of road.”

Senate Bill 105 would establish the Moveable Bridge Fund to assist local governments in paying for the operational costs of moveable bridges. There are currently 24 moveable bridges across the state, four of which are located in Bay City.

Currently, state funding treats the bridges as standard roadways, despite the operational costs being significantly higher. SB 105 is estimated to save Bay City and other localities hundreds of thousands of dollars on moveable bridge operations, which would allow them to prioritize those funds for local roads.

“Taxpayers and local communities around the state are being shortchanged because of the presence of these bridges,” said Green. “By assisting local governments with operating costs, we will actually save tax dollars, allowing dollars to be directed toward local roads.”