Green votes to eliminate Michigan Business Tax; plan protects majority of pensions from taxes

LANSING — State Sen. Mike Green voted today to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax and replace it with a flat, corporate income tax. The legislation included major changes to the original proposal to apply the income tax to pensions.

Green issued the following statement after the vote:

“Our number one job is jobs. We need to bring good-paying jobs back to Michigan for our kids and our grandkids.

“The business tax reforms passed today are needed to turn this state around and get it headed in the right direction. The legislation will bring much-needed relief to job providers throughout the state.

“While I supported an amendment to remove the pension tax changes from the legislation, the final plan did include major changes to the governor’s proposal. Seniors who live on Social Security, our military retirees and a large majority of senior citizens, including those with modest pensions, will see no change under the bill.

“The legislation passed by the Senate today will help bring jobs back to the state and will protect the modest incomes of our senior citizens.”