Green supports $100 million in funding for pothole repair

LANSING — The state Senate Committee on Appropriations on Tuesday approved a supplemental appropriations bill amendment adding $100 million in funding to help fill potholes on roadways across Michigan. The funding is coming from the Roads and Risks Reserve (RRR) Fund that helped fund road improvement projects across Michigan last year.

“This is yet another step in the right direction toward making the necessary improvements to our roads and bridges,” said Green, R-Mayville, who voted for the amendment. “Potholes are not only dangerous, but one unfilled pothole can cause thousands’ worth of damage to an untold number of cars.”

The RRR Fund was created out of the 2014 General Government budget. The fund was appropriated $230 million in one-time General Fund revenue. From the remaining funds, $100 million will be spent on emergency pothole repair.

The money will be split among state roads (39.1 percent), county roads (39.1 percent) and city/village roads (21.8 percent).

“Dividing this money up is the responsible thing to do,” Green said. “By allocating money to different areas we are allowing priority repairs to be made to roadways and streets throughout the state.”