Green: Concerns over housing of illegal immigrants should be addressed

LANSING—Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, offered the following statement regarding the ongoing federal review of local facilities for housing illegal immigrants under the age of 18.

“The United States of America is a nation built by immigrants who yearned for freedom and who worked hard to achieve the American dream. The American people support legal immigration that is managed effectively, strengthens our society and preserves the safety of our citizens.

“Folks in my district have legitimate concerns about the impact of housing illegal immigrant minors—many of whom are near adulthood—on the health, welfare, local schools and security of the Vassar community.

“One of the most significant concerns is that we do not know who these illegals are. We do not know their criminal or health histories, the groups or gangs they may be associated with, either home or abroad, the reasons for bringing them all the way to Michigan, and where they will ultimately end up. These questions need to be answered before any action is taken and the conversation must involve local residents.

“Wolverine Human Services was approached to provide services fitting within their overall mission during a national border crisis, and I cannot fault them for responding. Ultimately, the city of Vassar and Wolverine are not the problem here.

“Responsibility for the lack of border security, blatant refusal to enforce immigration laws, unconstitutional attempts to enact amnesty through executive orders, and confusion among foreign nationals over U.S. immigration policy rests squarely on the shoulders of President Obama and his administration. He has only compounded the problem by rewarding the nations of origin with hundreds of millions of dollars in additional aid, instead of demanding action that addresses the problem.

“I will remain engaged in the Vassar situation and work to ensure that our community’s interests are protected. However, we will continue to face this crisis in local communities across the nation until action is taken in our nation’s capital to secure our borders, restore the rule of law to our immigration system, enforce current immigration law, and hold our international counterparts accountable.

“That is ultimately the biggest issue here.”