Green co-sponsors bill to mark veterans graves with flags made in the USA

Legislation that would require that flags placed on the graves of veterans in public cemeteries manufactured in the United States was introduced earlier this week.

Senate Bill 428 would require any Michigan municipality which chooses to mark the graves of veterans for memorial purposes to do so with flags and flag holders that were made in the United States as long as prices are competitive.

State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, was a co-sponsor of  SB 428. 

“Anyone who serves in the military is an American hero in my opinion,” said Green. “We can never fully repay our men and women in uniform for the sacrifices that they made.  Marking the graves of Michigan veterans with flags made by Americans honors their sacrifice and dedication to preserving liberty and defending freedom.”

SB 428 was referred to the Senate Committee on Military and Veterans affairs.