Green bill extends insurance coverage to autism

LANSING―Autism spectrum disorders would be covered by health insurance plans in Michigan under legislation introduced on Wednesday by state Sen. Mike Green.

“Autism disorders are more commonly diagnosed in children than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined,” said Green, R-Mayville. “One in every 110 kids is diagnosed with autism, yet 80 percent of them don’t get adequate treatment because it’s excluded from coverage.”

According to research, the early diagnosis and treatment of autistic disorders results in 50 percent of patients recovering typical functions, helping them to have full lives. Other states have demonstrated that early intervention also reduces the need for K-12 special education services, saving an estimated $200,000 per child.

“This bill benefits families and individuals dealing with the challenge of autism, getting them the help and medical support that they desperately need,” Green said. “Proper treatment early-on will improve their quality of life and independence, lowering the requirement for long-term services and full-time care, a more expensive option often funded by taxpayer dollars.”

The measure has been co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of senators.

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