Governor signs Green bill making Michigan a true ‘shall issue’ state

LANSING—Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Mike Green to reform Michigan’s concealed pistol license (CPL) process was signed by the governor on Wednesday.

“I applaud the governor for working with the Legislature to address concerns surrounding my previous CPL reform proposal,” said Green, R-Mayville. “As passed by both chambers and now signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, Senate Bill 34 represents the most fundamental overhaul of Michigan’s concealed pistol license system on behalf of law-abiding gun owners since ‘shall issue’ was adopted in 1999. This uniform statewide process finally completes those important reforms.”

SB 34, now Public Act 3 of 2015, eliminates county gun boards and places jurisdiction with the county clerks, decreasing the entities involved in the CPL process from five to two. This allows for a more efficient and timely process for applicants seeking their CPL, an issue that was previously dependent upon the county of residence.

While the law contains a $10 increase in the statutory CPL fee, the bill will actually decrease an applicant’s costs below what they’re currently paying. The bill accomplishes this by wrapping current additional fees for photos and other items into the statutory fee and by substantially reducing the travel time and costs required to obtain a CPL.

“I am very pleased the governor is willing to stick up for the Second Amendment rights of Michigan’s citizens,” said Green. “This is a major victory for Michigan; no longer will the residents of this state be subject to arbitrary local policies that directly infringe on their constitutional rights. I am proud that the governor and my colleagues in the Legislature were able to bring Michigan in line with other true ‘shall issue’ states.”

PA 3 made no changes to CPL eligibility standards, the “pistol free” zones or exemptions to those zones.