Governor signs Green bill making Michigan a true ‘shall issue’ state

LANSING—State Sen. Mike Green, along with Gov. Snyder, held a signing ceremony last week for legislation sponsored by Green to reform Michigan’s concealed pistol license (CPL) process.

“It was an honor to share this moment with everyone who worked so hard to make this legislation possible,” said Green, R-Mayville. “There was a tremendous amount of work done between my office, law enforcement, and the county clerks to get this bill passed.”

Senate Bill 34, now Public Act 3 of 2015, eliminates county gun boards and places jurisdiction with the county clerks, decreasing the entities involved in the CPL process from five to two. This allows for a more efficient and timely process for applicants seeking their CPL, an issue that was previously dependent upon the county of residence.

“I applaud the governor for supporting SB 34. This represents the most fundamental overhaul of Michigan’s concealed pistol license system on behalf of law-abiding gun owners since ‘shall issue’ was adopted in 2000,” Green said. “This uniform statewide process finally completes those important reforms.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, stands with Gov. Rick Snyder during a bill signing ceremony for Senate Bill 34 last week.