Celebrate ‘March is Reading Month’

It’s a digital world.  Electronic media such as video games, smartphones, YouTube videos, even social networking sites are playing an increasing role in the lives of children today. 

In fact, a recent study by Common Sense Media concludes that even very young children, age eight and under, are frequent digital media users. Yet one of the best ways to prepare children for academic success remains an old-fashioned and time-honored one – reading.

Reading is still the foundation for success in school and throughout life. Children who are good readers get off to a good start in other subjects as well. On the other hand, students who cannot read well are more likely to struggle in school.

Parents can help their children improve their reading skills by encouraging the reading habit at every age. Educators suggest these family-friendly reading tips:
• Read to your young child every day;
• Give your child a “book allowance” for chores;
• Help your child get a library card;
• Create a special reading nook at home, a quiet place free of electronic distractions;
• Give a book as a gift for birthdays and special occasions; and
• READ! Let your child see how much you value reading.

During March is Reading Month, young children and elementary students across Michigan and the country have been celebrating the importance of reading. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to read to classrooms throughout the 31st Senate District and look forward to visiting many more.

March is Reading Month bookmarks are available to schools and families by contacting me through my website at www.statesenatormikegreen.com or my Lansing office toll free at 1-866-305-2131.

The students of today represent our future.  Let’s provide them with one of the most important life skills, the ability to read well.  In doing so, we’ll introduce them to a simple, inexpensive source of fun, while equipping them to succeed in an increasingly-competitive global economy.