Campaign finance and election reforms approved by MI Senate

LANSING, Mich.—The state Senate today approved several bills that will make campaigns and elections in Michigan more efficient, effective and fair, said state Sen. Mike Green, who cosponsored the legislation.

Senate Bills 750-754 and 803 would increase penalties for campaign finance violations and reduce voter fraud, while SBs 823-825 would reform the campaign finance act to strengthen protections for voter rights, increase transparency and streamline the election process.

“With inaccurate and ineligible voter registration and participation, and weak campaign finance penalties, the elections process both in Michigan and throughout the country is in dire need of reform,” said Green, R-Mayville.

A new Pew Center on the States study released Tuesday indicates one in eight voter registrations are either out-of-date or inaccurate. The study found more than 12 million voters are registered at the wrong address, 2.8 million are registered in multiple states, and 1.8 million deceased individuals are still listed as active voters.

“These glaring problems waste taxpayer dollars, threaten the integrity of the vote, and erode the confidence of the electorate,” Green said. “This legislation is sorely needed.”