Snyder signs Green bill legalizing short-barreled firearms

Snyder signs Green bill legalizing short-barreled firearms

LANSING— Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation into law allowing Michigan residents to own short-barreled rifles and shotguns, said sponsor state Sen. Mike Green.

Senate Bill 610, now Public Act 63 of 2014, creates an exemption to Michigan’s current ban on short-barreled firearms for individuals who comply with federal law. Michigan was one of the few remaining states that still banned their possession outright. The measure will bring the state in line with 41 others that already permit ownership of this popular type of firearm.

“Until today, law-abiding residents in Michigan were prevented from owning an entire class of firearms for lawful purposes,” said Green, R-Mayville. “They will now be able to enjoy the same firearm rights and privileges afforded to their fellow citizens across the nation.”

A firearm is considered short-barreled if its features, barrel length and overall length meet certain criteria. In order to legally purchase and possess such a firearm, an individual will have to undergo an extensive federal application process that includes a thorough background check, fingerprinting, approval by local law enforcement, and payment of a $200 fee. “Sawing off” standard length long guns will remain illegal under both state and federal law.

Green said that while the primary justification for the legislation was concern over the previous ban’s constitutionality, many firearms manufacturers and retailers pushed for the change because of the potential economic benefit.

“This legislation was primarily about taking yet another step in state law to better recognize the Second Amendment rights of the people,” Green said. “But it also opens the door for firearms manufacturers and retailers to consider Michigan as a real option for doing business and creating jobs.”

SB 610 passed both the Michigan Senate and House with near unanimous support and goes into effect immediately.


Legislature approves Green petition for federal balanced budget amendment

LANSING—The Michigan Legislature on Wednesday approved a resolution sponsored by state Sen. Mike Green officially petitioning for a federal balanced budget amendment.

Senate Joint Resolution Vpetitions Congress to call a convention of the states for the limited purpose of proposing a balanced budget amendment (BBA) to the United States Constitution. The BBA would require an annual federal budget in which spending does not exceed revenues.

“Families across American make tough choices in order to balance their budget. Michigan balances its budget every year. It is time that Congress does the same.” Green said. “Prioritize their needs, live within their means and focus on the future.”

As a Joint Resolution, the petition does not require Gov. Snyder’s signature. However, the governor urged its passage and applauded Green’s leadership on the issue during his most recent State of the State Address. 

“If we balance our budget at home, we balance our budget at work, why can’t the federal government balance theirs?” Snyder stated following enthusiastic cheers and applause.

“Thank you [Sen. Green] for your hard work and I know you’re going to help lead that balanced budget amendment!”

Twenty two other states have already approved the resolution. Once adopted by fifteen more, it becomes binding on Congress to issue the call. Any BBA amendment proposed by the convention would still have to be ratified by three- fourths of the states before taking effect.

“If we fail to get our nation's finances under control, we'll hand our kids and grandkids a huge credit card bill, a bankrupt country and an economy on the verge of collapse. It is immoral and I don't know of any parent or grandparent that wants to do that. We can do better," Green said. 

The national debt is currently above $17.5 trillion. That amounts to over $55,000 per person of any age and around $150,000 per taxpaying age citizen. This debt is larger than the United States’ entire gross national product and is growing at a much faster rate than the economy. Much of the debt has been financed by borrowing from public trust funds like Social Security and Medicare to the tune of $5 trillion and from nations such as China.

During his remarks on the floor, Green specifically thanked the governor, the national Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and House Speaker Jase Bolger for working to secure passage of the resolution.

“A federal balanced budget amendment is just one step to changing course and passing a nation on to future generations that offers even more opportunity than what we had,” Green commented following passage. “I’m proud Michigan is helping lead the way.”


Green celebrates ‘March is Reading Month’ with area students

LANSING—State Sen. Mike Green recently celebrated “March is Reading Month” with students at Bangor Central Elementary School in Bangor Township by reading them an entertaining children’s book on the American elections process and by talking with them about the importance of reading in their everyday lives.

“Reading is key to a bright future and reading to children at a young age has been shown to spark an interest in learning,” said Green, R-Mayville. “Family reading is also a great opportunity for parents and their children to spend time together.”

March is Reading Month is celebrated every year. The purpose is to highlight reading as a fun and educational activity for children, while also promoting improved literacy.

In addition to reading to students in area schools, Green provides free March is Reading Month bookmarks to libraries, schools, parents and students throughout the district. Those interested in requesting bookmarks or inviting Green to read should contact his office toll free at (866) 305-2131 or by visiting

**PHOTO ADVISORY**Marlette student art on display in Capitol office

LANSING, Mich.—Sen. Mike Green has announced that an impressive art collection from Marlette Elementary is currently on display in his Capitol office. The art was created by 3rd grade students of teacher Sarah Opperman.

Sen. Green, R-Mayville, regularly showcases student art as part of his “Kids of the 31st!” program that highlights the talent and positive behavior of youth in the district. He invites constituents to view the displays in his office during regular business hours.

Educators and parents interested in featuring their students in the program should contact Green’s office at (866) 305-2131 or at

Sen. Green to host senior citizen identity theft seminar

LANSING— Nationwide as many as 5 million seniors become victims of financial abuse each year, crimes that often include identity theft and fraud. To help area residents protect themselves, State Sen. Mike Green and Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Senior Brigade are hosting a senior citizen identity theft seminar on Tuesday, April 8, in Bay City.

“Now more than ever, senior citizens are at high risk for identity theft,” said Green, R-Mayville. “There are steps we can all take to avoid being victimized by identity thieves and this seminar will provide folks with information and tools to protect themselves.”

Green said that identity theft occurs when someone uses an individual’s name, Social Security number, credit card number, or any other personal identifying information to commit fraud. The culprit could tamper with someone’s finances, open credit accounts, get a driver’s license, or rent an apartment in the victim’s name.

“An identity thief can even go as far as racking up criminal charges or declaring bankruptcy in your name,” Green said.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, April 8 at the Riverside Friendship Center, 800 John F. Kennedy Drive, Bay City, from 10:30 -11:30 a.m. RSVP’s are not required and there is no cost to attend.

The event will include a presentation and discussion led by representatives of the Senior Brigade, a program dedicated to providing seniors and their caregivers with trusted and useful information on financial matters, common senior scams and healthcare.

More information is available by contacting Green’s office at (866) 305-2131 or via his website at